ioannis kyriakides



" I am process driven in my design approach. My driving force is understanding the requirements of my clients and shaping them into reality. I work across various possible solutions offering the most optimum and relevant final design. I create highly specific architecture that is both useful and poetic delivering  projects that are both uniquely appropriate and timelessly valuable."


The nature of my studies and practices has prepared me to undertake most architectural tasks. It involved a great deal of independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and proficiency in a wide range of skills. I have graduated from the University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC]  with a BAArch and a (DipArch, 5 Years) Architecture Professional Diploma 5 years. Previously I studied Fine Arts at the University for the Creative Arts, UCA, at Canterbury, Kent United Kingdom where I received BA (Hons) Fine Art. I have worked in Architecture firms in the Washington D.C, United States and Cyprus gaining experience in a wide range of projects. I have a passion enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of every project.




Architecture DipArch (Professional Diploma, 5 years) “Extreme Innovation Award” 2015 Diploma Project University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC]


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (BAArch, 4 years) University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC]


BA (Hons) Fine Art UCA, University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury Kent United Kingdom.


Registered Architect in Cyprus Member State of the European Union

Proficient Skills


Autodesk 3ds Max

Adobe Photoshop

Model Making

Drawing & Painting

Advanced Skills

Autodesk Revit

Rhino 3d + Grasshopper Algorithmic Modeling

SAP2000 | Integrated Structural Analysis Software

Adobe Premiere

Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint

Sculpture: Casting, Mold Making and Welding

Intermediate Skills

Digital Fabrication

Video production and Animation

Furniture Design and Fabrication

Music Production and Performance


2018 Worked for Katinas Bruckwick Architecture as a Junior Architect for Residential and Commercial projects site survey and documentation, existing condition drawings, schematic design, design development and construction documents, 3D modeling and renderings, artwork presentations.

2016 Worked for Eraclis Papachristou Architects as a Junior Architect for Residential and Commercial projects for the the production of permit sets, 3D media and presentation material, Digital Modeling and Renderings.

2015 Worked for Technomachine LTD for the production of Technical Detail Drawings for Cladding Systems, Renderings and 3D Visualizations.

Worked for draftworks*architects a month internship, workedon EUROPAN 13 compedition entry.

2014 AWR Competitions - Architecture Workshop in Rome K0benhavn - New modern library Competition CPH Modern Library

2014 Cyprus Virtual Modern Art Museum: Modern and Contemporary Art of Cyprus Virtual Walk "Through East and West: Views on the First Generation of Cypriot Artists"

2013 Worked for Th.Kyriakides Architect Engineer LTD as a Drafter, Design Assistant for Residential projects, 3D media and presentation materials: 3D Digital Modeling, Renderings, illustrations and animation.

Th.Kyriakides Architect Engineer LTD


To Whom it may concern,

loannis Kyriskides has worked for my architectural firm for just over one year, and in that time, I have come to know him as a creative, insightful and striving person. loannis combines these attributes with a personal integrity, commitment to fairness, and desire to help others in the workplace as assistance and leadership is needed. In loannis' time with my firm, my business partner and I have seen clear growth and development in his work and professionalism. loannis has been involved with projects from the start and his creative design ideas have strengthened every project he has been assigned to. loannis will use his initiative to problem solve issues during a project and will look for the best answers for each client's project, even when it may need an unusual approach or solution to be successful. This creativity and originality has been paired with growth and proven accomplishment in his every day work and his increase in quality has enabled me as principal to work on items I need to in order to grow a successful architectural firm. loannis' desire for excellence in a broad range of skills is a value and an asset to our firm. I can say that he has respect for all people regardless of their background, ethnicity, wealth, etc. and in summation, loannis, through his actions within the office and our brief personal discussions, is a believer in fairness, equality, and freedom for all.

/ John G Katinas, AIA Principal Katinas Bruckwick Architecture  /